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  Food habits

Black bears, like human beings, are omnivorous, which means that they eat everything. Bears change their food greatly depending on the seasons. In the spring, when he wakes up after the winter, the black bear cleans his territory. He eats dead animals’ carcasses. Black bears are not real predators like wolves are. On the contrary, black bears rarely kill other animals to feed, because they normally eat what they find in the outdoors. They really like berries, like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and dogwood fruit. They even have their own spots to find them! They also pick wild mushrooms and that, way before we do. They particularly like boletus (that we also like).

In the spring, black bears like to eat fiddleheads. During this season, they really start eating only once they have eaten a laxative plant that will release them from all the food they accumulated during the winter. They also eat insects like ants (which are really sweet), worms and larvae. Unlike most people believe, black bears rarely eat honey. In August, they increase their intake in food to put on their fat layer that will help them go through winter. Black bears don’t spend their energy unnecessarily. They are rather smart in their choice of food, and they won’t spend their time running after a small squirrel that will only give them a few calories.







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