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  Family and habitat

Black bears, Ursus americanus, are mammals belonging to the ursids family. In North America, there are several types of bears, since the grizzly bear (brown bear) and the polar bear also belong to the same family, though they are much bigger. Black bears are also known as Baribal in France. Black bears prefer mixed forests of conifers and leafy trees as well as bushy shrubs, because they are shy and scared of humans, who represent a danger for them.

In Québec, there is one bear every 3 or 4 km2. Obviously, the huge territory represents a not inconsiderable advantage for this wild animal! Black bears can walk on long distances. Some bears that have been moved hundreds of kilometres from their territory were easily and quickly able to find their way back.

The female bear normally lives on a territory that is smaller than the male’s. She doesn’t need more than 10 km2 to support herself and her family. The male’s territory is the size of several times that of the female’s, because it likes to court female bears! To mark its territory, the bear uses its excrement and its urine. It will also scratch a large tree with its claws. Black bears normally use the same paths to move about their territory. Black bears walk slowly in a nonchalant way, since they are the king of the Québec’s forests! However, they can run up to 55 km/h on short distances.

The active hours of black bears varies depending on its habitat. In the inhabited regions, it normally goes around at night to avoid the encounter with a human, whom it fears.




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